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How to get in Padurea Craiului ecotourism destination?

Located in the north-western part of the Apuseni Mountains, Pădurea Craiului Mountains cover a large part of Bihor county and they are relatively close to Oradea, Cluj-Napoca, and Beiuş. The distance from the Hungarian border is also less than one hundred kilometers.
Pădurea Craiului Mountains are easily accessible to tourists, who can reach them by plane – flying to Cluj-Napoca or Oradea, by car – following E60 that connects Oradea with Cluj-Napoca or DN76 from Oradea to Beiuş. The Oradea-Bucharest railroad crosses the northern limit of Pădurea Craiului in the area of Bratca – Şuncuiuş-Vadu Crişului. There is also another possible railroad connection through the south, but only as far as the town of Beiuş. This long way around is recommended mostly to those passionate by railroad travels, as the train takes a long time on this route.

In Padurea Craiului you can get by bus from Oradea, Aleşd or Beiuş. Information on licensed transport operators and the bus and minibus schedule can be found at
Oradea-Roşia-Oradea, Beiuş-Dragoteni-, Beiuş-Roşia-Beiuş,
SC Pupnicol Trans SRL, 0740.861.394, 0745.969.580, Roşia, nr. 28 / B
Aleşd-Vadu Crişului-Alesd, Borod-Baraj Leşu-Borod, Bratca-Oradea-Bratca
SC Gad Aser Trans SRL, tel. 0744.179.356, 0259.315.335, Borod, nr. 266
Beiuş-Şuncuiuş-Beiuş, Vălăi de Pomezeu-Beiuş-Vălani de Pomezeu
SC Alveco SRL, tel. 0740.043.645, Vălani de Pomezeu, no. 245
SC Omnitrans SRL, tel. 0771.429.119, Ştei, str. L. Blaga, no. 116
Remeţi-Vadu Crişului-Remeţi
SC Segibia Trans SRL, tel. 0740.936.612, bulz, nr. 154
The northern area of the Craiului Forest (Vadu Crisului, Şuncuiuş, Bratca, Bulz) is a crossing of the railway connecting Oradea and Cluj.
Train Information:
Transfers Travel –
Interregional Travel – (offers bicycle transport facilities on the train).
The closest airports to Craiova Forest are in Oradea, Cluj Napoca and Debrecen (Hungary).
Oradea –, tel. 0259.416.082
Cluj Napoca –, tel: +4 0264.307.500, +4 0264.416.702,
+4 0264.416.788, +4 0264.273.433
Debrecen –, tel: +36204679899

The most important road access to the Pădurea Craiului Mountains is the European road E60, Oradea-Cluj, from which a series of county and local roads branches to the localities in the north of the destination. The southern area of the mountains is also accessible from Beius, specifically from the European road E79, Oradea-Deva.