aventura in piatra craiului

Live your adventure in Pădurea Craiului!

10 different types of experiences, over 300 km of cycling routes, the first network of mountain running trails in the country, the only network of adventure caves in Eastern Europe, waiting for you to discover them.

For the nostalgic and not only, we recommend the train and backpacking trips.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Nine adventure caves, as challenging as they are beautiful, await the bravest on their journey to the center of the earth. The Bătrânului cave, the Ciur Ponor system, the Gruieţului cave or the Osoi cave are just some of the caves through which any self-respecting adventurer must pass at least once in his life.

Contact one of the tour operators in the area to receive a personalized offer.

! Visiting the adventure caves can be done only in the presence of a specialized guide, properly equipped and in compliance with the visiting regulations.

Hike, run, pedal!

Padurea Craiului offers a vast network of trails dedicated to hiking, trail running and cycling.

No less than 17 marked hiking trails will fill your day and your souls with their beauties.

Those for whom hiking is a breeze, can try their best on one of the mountain running trails in Pădurea Craiului. The landscape and the 9 marked trails, not exactly easy, leave even the most experienced athletes breathless.

Over 300 kilometers of cycling and mountain biking trails await you to discover Padurea Craiului on two wheels.

The marked routes connect the important tourist objectives in the area, so that those who dare to hike them can say that they enjoyed an active holiday, but also tasted a little of the attractions of the area.

In Roşia, Remetea, Şuncuiuş and on the Iadului Valley, adventure-seeking tourists have several bicycle rental centers.

Don’t forget! … Interregional Călători ( provides wagons equipped with bicycle holders, on the route Cluj Napoca – Oradea. Take advantage of that. You will have a trip with a low impact on the environment, you will enjoy the landscape and you will get rid of the congestion on the roads.

The road to heights or via ferrata and climbing

Pădurea Craiului is the destination with the densest network of via ferrata routes in Romania. The 6 such adventure routes can be a challenge for several days.

From over 100 meters high, the beauty of the Crisului Repede gorge becomes truly spectacular.

Crossing the Indian Bridge in Cuţilor gorge will give you a different perspective on the concept of “crossing a valley”.

At Montana Land in Șuncuiuș you will discover a real adventure park with routes with different degrees of difficulty.

In addition, Padurea Craiului has via ferrata routes even for the little adventurers!

Careful! These routes cannot be approached without specific equipment. We recommend the guidance of specialized tour operators.

Rafting or fast water adventure

Especially in autumn, when the rainfall is more abundant and in spring, when the snow melts, a boat ride on the waters of Crişul Repede becomes synonymous with a consistent infusion of adrenaline. Everywhere, from Bratca to Vadu Crişului, through the gorge, you can find more and more surprising landscapes.

“Wet but happy” is the simplest definition for such an experience.

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