T 1: Discover the village of old traditions

Traseu Cicloturism Dragoteni 10

Route: Remetea – Drăgoteni – Şoimuş – Petreasa – Remetea

Distance: 11 km.
Cumulative level difference: 70 meters
Duration: 2 hours
Degree of difficulty: easy
Surface: asphalt, paved road
Attractions: the weaving workshops and the painted eggs from Dragoteni, the wooden church in Petreasa. It’s a short and very easy route, suitable for an afternoon walk with friends or family.

This is a short and very easy route, well suited as an after lunch outdoor activity with friends or family.

The route starts from the center of Remetea village, following the road to Roșia. 100 meters past the bridge over Valea Roșia (Roșia Valley) take the asphalt road to the left, towards Drăgoteni (there’s a road sign on the right side). Follow the asphalt road that runs parallel to the river for a while and then turns sharply to the right and starts going up a gentle slope. The climb is short and when you get to the top you already have a view of part of Drăgoteni village, located on the hill on the right. Follow the asphalt road and go downhill until you reach an intersection; here, you can make a right to reach the center of the village or a left to go to Șoimuș.

In Drăgoteni you can visit a weaving workshop or women who still practice Easter egg painting (this is a traditional activity in this area, therefore the technique, chromatics and designs are different than in Bucovina).

To continue along the route, take a left turn at the intersection and start a rather steep ascent passing by the last houses of Drăgoteni. The upper part is pretty steep, so if you’re not so fit you might need to walk alongside your bicycle. Fortunately, the climb is short and the asphalt disappears with the last houses, bringing you onto a gravel road that will take you to the next village. The hilltop offers a beautiful view of Beiuș Depression in the foreground and Pădurea Craiului and Codru-Moma Mountains in the background, on the horizon.

Descending towards Șoimuș, you’ll cross a bridge over Roșia river and find yourself on asphalt once again. Follow the road to Petreasa and, before the uphill section, you can see a church and a gravel road to the right. You can take this road to the wooden church in Pietroasa, a historical monument dating back to 1752.

Continue on the road to Petreasa where you’ll meet the county road that goes to Beiuș and turn left at the intersection towards Remetea village, which is only 3 km away.

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