T2: Visit Meziad Cave

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Route: Remetea - Meziad - Meziad cave - Meziad - Sohodol - Căbeşti - Josani - Remetea.

Distance: 36 km

Duration: 5 hours, with visiting the cave

Degree of difficulty: medium, with short difficult parts

Surface: asphalt, paved road, mud road

Attractions: Reformed church in Remetea, secular oak in Meziad, Meziad cave.

Problems: the Meziad – Sohodol sector requires increased attention to orientation; some portions require more technical knowledge when climbing or descending. They can be walked on smoothly on foot because they are quite short

Start off in the center of Remetea village and follow the road signs to Meziad. In about 400 meters from the intersection, you will see a bridge on the left, crossing Meziad creek towards the brick church founded in the IXth century. From here on, the route follows the county road all the way to Meziad, but pay attention to the left side of the road, where you will see the centennial oak tree in Meziad.

Once in Meziad, turn right at the school and head towards Meziad Cave. Our route runs parallel to the valley up until the far end of the village, where there’s an intersection; make a left turn over the bridge and prepare for a slightly steeper uphill section. There’s usually a road sign in this intersection, pointing you to the cave, which is about 4 km away.

After visiting the cave, go back to the intersection at the school in Meziad and turn right, cross the bridge over the creek and continue straight ahead. Past the last houses of the village, the road becomes very uneven, scattered with big rocks. Cross the creek (there’s no bridge here) and make a slight turn onto the only road on the left that climbs a sharp slope. Once you get to the top, keep riding through the hayfields where the grassy road is harder to distinguish. Past the second row of trees, the hayfields change into wide fields covered by ferns and the road re-emerges clearly. The first hilltop among the fern fields already offers a view of the first houses in Sohodol village. The gentle ups and downs of the road will bring you to a small grassy col (saddle) where three roads meet; of the three, one is very visible and descends to the left towards the village. Follow this road down a more technical descent to meet the asphalt road that ties Sohodol to Căbești. In Căbești you will come to a crossroads with the county road that links Remetea and Roșia; turn left on this road and continue through Josani until you are back in Remetea.

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