T9: Roșia Valley in pictures

Traseu Cicloturism 9 1

Route: Roşia - Poniţa - Crystal Cave from Farcu Mine - Farcu Hill – Pietrele Negre Valley - Tinoasa Hill - Runcuri Plateau - Poniţa - Roşia

Distance: 21 km

Cumulative level difference: 630 meters

Duration: 4 hours

Degree of difficulty: hard

Surface: asphalt, paved road, mud road

Attractions: Crystal Cave from Farcu Mine, Zipline, thematic route.

Problems: sustained uphill portions, some alongside the bicycle, portions with a poorly visible path

Start of from the center of Roșia (the main square in front of town hall) towards Ponița village, then climb to Crystal Cave (Peștera cu cristale) in Farcu Mine.

From the cave, keep climbing and turn right on the first gravel forest road (not on the dirt road!). Continue climbing until you exit the forest. The road turns sharply to the right and comes to a gate you must close carefully after passing through. The road keeps on climbing, makes a couple of winding turns and passes another gate and an abandoned house; it’s not long before the slope grows very steep, up until crossing another road to the left but we keep going straight ahead (to the north). From here on the slope softens, you climb a small peak and then a short descent follows, at the end of which the road splits in two.

Take the road to the left, exit the forest and follow the grassy road descending smoothly through meadows and hayfields until it faints away into the forest. At this point you must pay close attention to find the road that exits the forest right away, crosses Valea Pietrii Negre (Pietrii Negre Valley) and climbs the opposite hillside.

Continue uphill to the peak and all the way to Runcuri Plateau. Make a left on the asphalt road and descend sharply to Ponița. Turn left past the first two houses and exit into the asphalt road that crosses the village. Continue downhill all the way to Roșia.

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