Vintului IMG 1544

Vântului Cave

The Wind Cave is located in Şuncuiuş village, and is the longest in Romania, 42,165 meters! The first part of it, the visiting one, is perhaps the most beautiful one. Here is the largest stalactite of the cave. "The Torpedo" has a length of 4.5...

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Osoi IMG 8662

Osoi Cave

Osoi Cave is often compared, from the perspective of its beauty, with the Bear Cave. The cave is in the village of Vârciorog, and beyond the straits from the entrance, the cavers will have the pleasure of discovering vast spaces with many candle-like stalagmites. The...

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Moanei IMG 8851

Moanei Cave

The Moanei Cave it is said that it is easy to walk through. But it's a real labyrinth sculpted by the underground waters. This cave is located in Suncuis village and it is 1,170 meters long. The two underground waterfalls are its main attractions. The...

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Bonchii IMG 4961

Hârtopul Bonchii Cave

Also situated in Roşia, Hortopul Bonchii Cave is not less than 6,686 meters long and starts with a vertical descent. In the depths of it, cavers can see many shells of snails. The traces they have printed in stone are real works of art made...

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Gruiet IMG 8175

Gruieț Cave

A little longer, 415 meters, Gruiet Cave is also found in Roşia. It has an active part that is crossed by the underground course of a stream, and many interesting formations, spectacular phenomena of erosion and inverse marmites. The length of the touristic route is...

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vad speologie osoi AP 11

Gălășeni Cave

Gălăşeni Cave is located in the village of the same name in the commune of Măgeşti. In its galleries, measuring 2,495 meters lives a large colony of bats. There are no less than 16 species! The "Silver Haystack" and "The Crystal Gallery" make the visit...

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Craiului IMG 0326

Craiului Cave

Craiului Cave hosts a formation that is probably the largest stalagmite in Romania. It is 15 meters high and 5 meters in diameter. The cave, located in Roşia, has a length of 3,500 meters and is characterized by the alternation of the narrow spaces with...

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Ciur Ponor IMG 2224

Ciur-Ponor Cave

Described by connoisseurs as "a cave made for adventure," Ciur Ponor is found in Roşia and is more than 20 kilometers long. There are seven caves in one! Those who take the risk of getting wet for a while, walking through an active gallery, if...

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Dobos IMG 2116

Doboș Cave

O peşteră unică. Aş spune că e a doua cea mai dragă mie, după Ciur Ponor, peştera mea de suflet. Mică, dar interesantă. Curată, frumoasă, plină de formaţiuni atât de diverse încât imaginaţia omului nu le-a găsit încă un nume. E o peşteră şcoală, un...

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Batrinului IMG 0787

Bătrânului Cave

Batranului Cave is a real "school" of the Romanian caving. In this concern, generations of brave young people have been initiated into the mystery of caving. The cave is situated in the village of Zece Hotare, Suncuius commune and it is 1633 meters long. The...

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