Explore the underground in Pădurea Craiului mountains

Few people know that, in fact, there are two worlds in Pădurea Craiului. The mountains, forests and villages on the surface stand above a mysterious underground universe.

The first network of adventure caves in Romania was developed here, to help you discover these beauties.

Those who dare to step into this fairytale world have at their disposal programs adapted according to the experiences they want and the skills of each one.

Do not worry! Properly equipped and under the guidance of specialized guides you will enjoy a safe adventure.

Caving in Pădurea Craiului

What caving adventure do you want?
Speoturism Descopera Padurea Craiului pestera Dobos

Doboş Cave

Doboş Cave is ideal for beginners in caving. Accessible even to families with children, the cave abounds in stalactites and stalagmites, one more beautiful than the other.

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Gruiet IMG 8175

Gruiețului Cave

Location Roşia commune Elevation gain 20 m (-0 m) (+20 m) Development 414 m Length of the visitable route 350 m Duration of the visit 2 hours Maximum group size 8 persons Open from April 16 to October 14 Degree of difficulty easy Those eager to discover the underground adventure can start with Gruieţului cave. Accessible even to children, this is...

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Speoturism Padurea Craiului Valea Crisului Repede pestera Galaseni

Gălăşeni Cave

Gălăşeni Cave is located in the village of the same name in Măgeşti commune. The “Silver Haystack” and the “Crystal Gallery” are just some of the attractions that make visiting this cave a memory for a lifetime.

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Speoturism Padurea Craiului speologie in pestera Moanei

Moanei Cave

Moanei Cave is said to be a real labyrinth carved by limestone waters. If the effort to get here will not make it, the beauty of the two underground waterfalls will surely take your breath away.

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Speoturism speologie in pestera Osoi

Osoi Cave

Osoi Cave, with its large underground spaces beautifully decorated, is a landmark for any passionate caver. But to get there, get ready for a crawl a few tens of meters long in which you will reevaluate the concept of living space.

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Speoturism Suncuius pestera Batrinului

Bătrânului Cave

Bătrânului Cave is the place where generations of brave young people started, in the secrets of caving. Exploring this cave begins with an eight-meter rappelling descent and continues with many surprises, including 2 waterfalls, suspended galleries, straits, beautiful rooms.

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Padurea Craiului Pestera Ciur Ponor

Ciur Ponor Cave

Ciur Ponor Cave is described by connoisseurs as “a cave drawn by nature for adventure”. Its galleries are over 20 kilometers long… In fact, due to its complexity, it is said that there are seven caves in one.

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Hârtopul Bonchii Cave

The exploration in Hârtopul Bonchii begins with a vertical descent and stretches for no less than 6,686 meters in length. In the depths you will discover a world frozen in time, as it was maybe a few million years ago. You can see fossil snails and shells. Here you can also see the traces that, in their passage, these primitive beings drew on the stone from the cave walls, true lacework of nature.

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Padurea Craiului Pestera Vantului

The Wind Cave

Located on Crișului Repede Valley, Vântului (Wind) cave is, to this day, the longest cave discovered in Romania. It is over 42 kilometers long! The first part of it, the adventure one, is also the most beautiful. Here you can see the largest stalactite in the cave.

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Experiences in Pădurea Craiului mountains

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