Explore 10 speo-touristic caves with customized programs

Few people know that there are two worlds in Padurea Craiului. The mountains, the forests, and the surrounding villages stand above a stunning subterranean universe. There are hundreds of caves, some of them still not even fully explored.

In Padurea Craiului, the first network of speculative caves in Romania was established. Those who venture to step into this fairy-tale world have at their disposal programs tailored to the experiences they want and suited to the skills of each individual. The new arrangements, which make these caves visitable, offer a safe adventure for everyone – from children to parents or coworkers. The caves also offer a unique chance to discover this fabulous universe.

To protect the “world below the world,” these caves have special visiting rules, according to their management plans. Access is made only with well-trained guides, whose main mission is to make the tourists adventure an unforgettable experience. And to complete the original of the expedition: obviously, each explorer will be equipped as it should, with caving helmet, lights, overalls and where appropriate, harness, lanyard, other insurance systems.

Ten large caves: