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Taste from grandparents' recepies, learn a craft and discover the diversity of archaic customs

The discreet charm of country life: tastes, crafts, customs and, above all, peace.

This part of the country has preserved its old customs, traditions, and occupations. The wooden churches of this area are living proof of the ancient times. The white pottery of Vadu Crişului is unique in Romania, being made from a special clay, with no iron content.
The horn violin – an instrument typical for this area – will be heard during most traditional social events. Arts and crafts such as beadwork, a weaving of tissues with typical motifs or painting icons on the glass are also fascinating. Before Easter, several traditional events are organized here, to gather people for decorating the Easter eggs.
There are also traditional fairs, such as “Straiţă plină”, mountain lovers’ celebration named “Pădurea Craiului Days” or the market of Negreni, events which attract thousands of visitors every year.


Pottery is a craft that bears entire mythology within itself, for the apparently easy modeling in clay has been associated with the very act of divine creation. Earth pots are in themselves mirrors of the human universe, with its forms and colors finely transposed in the soft clay. You will hear most of the pottery stories from those who managed to carry this craft throughout time, up to the present day.


  • Haşaş Maria, Address: Vadu Crişului, no. 417, telephone: 0743 385 100
  • Iuliana Szolga-Geczi, Address: str. Toldes, no. 607, telephone: 0751 947 971


Fabrics and embroidery

The skillful fingers of Bihor women never stop working! A cotton thread can be twisted, braided, sown in countless motifs inspired from daily life in the countryside. Today, there are several women who sow, each of them using the typical motifs for the area. The embroidered objects can be traditional decorative towels, tablecloth or pieces of clothing.

Folk art, adornments, shirts, painting – Contact: Szabo Angela, Address: Roşia, no. 304, telephone: +40 728 159 799

Fabrics and Embroidery- Contact: Codoban Floare, Address: Roşia, Lazuri de Roşia, no. 95, telephone: +40 742 926 307

Traditional Fabrics and Embroidery- Conact: Viorica Ştiube, Address: Dobreşti, no. 276, telephone: +40 7233 999 424

Manufacturing –  Contact: Sturz Floare, Address:  Şuncuiuş, Unirii Street, no. 124

Fabrics-Hanza Dorina, Remetea, Dragoteni village, no. 63, +40 726 185 124


The craft of Easter Egg

Egg beauty is a prehistoric habit taken over later by Christianity; Eggs are sacrificed and eaten sacramentally at Easter holidays. The craft of Easter eggs embraces the chosen and their preparation, their painting (often with plant paints) and the actual waxing of the egg, alternatively. The original colors were yellow and red, which symbolizes the sun’s passing in the sky from morning to sunset. In Pădurea Craiului destination, this craft is practiced annually on Good Friday, in Roșia and Drăgoteni, where there is also a Festival of Gray Eggs.


  • Hanza Dorina, Address: Remetea, Drăgoteni village, no. 63, telephone: +40 726 185 124
  • Muţ Ecaterina, Address: Remetea, Drăgoteni village, no. 45
  • Lezeu Viorica, Address: Remetea, Drăgoteni village, no. 125
  • Lezeu Catiţa, Address: Remetea, Drăgoteni village, no. 100


Ornaments made of beads

As a relatively modern craft, bead jewel making is especially interesting for women, who make these ornaments and wear them – mostly on occasions. The traditional bead jewels in Bihor are necklaces with color combinations in red, white, black or green and with geometrical motifs (the sweep of the well, wafers). The most complicated bead necklaces are those with angles, which require a lot of careful work.


  • Hanza Dorina, Address: Remetea, Drăgoteni village, no. 63, telephone: +40 726 185 124
  • Tirean Catiţa, Address: Remetea, Drăgoteni village, no. 110
  • Fărcuţ Ana, Address: Remetea, Drăgoteni, no. 132


Sculptured Wooden Objects

Woodwork starts with choosing the right type of essence for the kind of object that you want to obtain and includes its decoration with motifs that underline both the wood and the form of the object. Wood has always been a very accessible raw material and so it is often used in the household to a variety of purposes.


Ciuhandu Ioan, Address: Roşia, Şteazelor Valley, nro 97

Popuţe Dănuţ, Bulz, telephone: +40 743 861 824


Painting icons on glass

Painting icons on glass and wood has always been associated with monastic life in certain centers in the country. There were also peasant craftsmen who did glass painting (naive style), showing scenes of everyday life.  You can also admire beautiful icons on wood, painted in the Romanian tradition, in some of the old wooden churches of Pădurea Craiului.


Dorina Văşcan, Address: Remetea, sat Meziad