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Discover The Crișului Repede Gorge

Vadu Crisului defileu cu tren IMG 4239

The Crişul Repede Gorge is a mixed nature reserve and is included in the Natura 2000 Defileul Crişului Repede – Pădurea Craiului site. Here Nature has created a spectacular landscape that surprises you every season. Among the steep walls of the gorge, the Crişului Repede waters flow. The railway connecting Oradea to Cluj-Napoca barely takes its place through the tunnels dug in stone. The big and bare rocks are a real corner of heaven for passionate climbers. Cliffs, over 30 caves, up to 1.5 km long, and a wealth of rare protected plant species have found their ideal habitat here due to the gentle local microclimate.

The fauna of these places is dominated by the mountain eagle and several species of bats. Of the plants that can be found in the Crişul Repede gorge, the iris, the dwarf almond, the pasque flower, fritillaries or the downy oak must be mentioned. The colourful flowers of many of them enjoy the sight of those who visit the area. Tourists have several marked paths arranged so that any traveller, more or less experienced, can walk on them. A visit to Vadu Crisului cave is almost compulsory for those who want to get acquainted with the spectacular underground world of caves and bats. Surface trails carry the travellers over the stunning cliffs of the gorge, giving them panoramic views over the Crişul Repede watercourse.

Shortly, the Crişul Repede Gorge is one of the most accessible tourist areas of Romania, a unique and spectacular area where you can practice the following activities: hiking, rafting, Via-Ferrata, climbing, caving, mountain trail running, show caves, photo tours in nature, wild birds observations.

The access can be made by train from Oradea or Cluj-Napoca or by car to Suncuiuş or Vadu Crişului villages. Due to the protected status of the area, please strictly respect the visiting regulations: