experienta in familie in piatra craiului

Padurea Craiului, a destination for the whole family

Regardless of the age or number of your family members, in Pădurea Craiului you will have the opportunity to discover nature, enjoy it and appreciate it. Together with our partners we have created facilities suitable for everyone to bring parents and children together and to increase the diversity of experiences you can have as a family.

Beneath the Earth

Ideal for a foray into the mysterious underground world, with family or friends, the show caves in Pădurea Craiului, offer you a wide range of experiences, each with its own specifics.

The Meziad Cave has cave formations of such richness and diversity as you rarely encounter, large halls and galleries that make you think of a real “underground cathedral”.

! From the parking lot you will walk a few hundred meters to the entrance to the cave. Following the route involves going up and down stairs, younger children needing help.

In the Cave with Crystals from the Farcu mine, you will have the chance to see the delicate calcite crystals and to discover crumbs from the history of bauxite mining.

Unguru Mare Cave tells the story of the mineral called crisit and the prehistoric people who lived in the cave.

! In order to access the entrance to the cave, it is necessary to cross a suspended bridge over the Crişul Repede river, we recommend an increased attention from the adults who accompany the children.

Vadu Crişului Cave is a sanctuary of bats and cave fauna. The cave galleries are crossed by a picturesque underground stream.

! This cave is not recommended for children under 10, due to the steep stairs and suspended bridges above an underground river, and for groups of children over this age we recommend the presence of accompanying adults in sufficient numbers.

If you want to take home a memory from Pădurea Craiului, the small souvenir shops from Farcu, Meziad and Unguru Mare caves are waiting for you to cross their door.

The first steps in caving

If you want to get out of your comfort zone, we challenge you to become a speleologist for a day and discover the caves in Pădurea Craiului, caves that can be traveled safely under the guidance of a specialized guide and with appropriate equipment.

Gruieț Cave and Doboş Cave are ideal for the first steps in caving, due to the ease with which they can be traversed. A specialized guide will accompany and guide you, and personal equipment will be provided by tour operators active in the area.

The caves are accessible from small to large and promise a unique experience that will stay in your memory for a long time.

All you have to do is contact one of the tour operators in the area to receive a personalized offer.

! Visiting the adventure caves can be done only in the presence of a specialized guide, properly equipped and in compliance with the visiting regulations.

On water

Padurea Craiului is the ideal destination for beginners in rafting!

What could be more exciting than a family rafting trip? You have everything: fun, adventure, water, sun, coolness … and a “splash” near the Vadu Crisului waterfall.

The rafting course in Pădurea Craiului has a medium difficulty, lasts about 3 hours and is perfect for a day of fun and adventure for children and adults.

Make a reservation with a tour operator and the fun is guaranteed.

On the rock

A true school of courage for children and adults alike, following a via ferrata route is an activity that is increasingly sought after and appreciated.

Pădurea Craiului offers you several via ferrata routes, with different degrees of difficulty, created to test your strength and courage.

We didn’t forget the little ones either. In Pădurea Craiului they have the opportunity to prove their strength on the via ferrata route “Montana Piticot” from Șuncuiuș or in Roșia on a part of the via ferrata route “Cheile Cuţilor”.

! The safe access on the via ferrata is made only with specialized equipment consisting of a helmet, harness and double safety lanyard, specific to this sport. Do not venture on the trails without proper equipment and without guidance. Danger of injury!

Those who are passionate about climbing will find routes for all tastes in Pădurea Craiului.

In the climbing area of ​​Șuncuiuș, located in the immediate vicinity of the Unguru Mare cave or the one near the Osoi cave from Vârciorog, there are school routes for initiation in the secrets of climbing. The routes can be covered by beginners as well as children or young people.

By foot

Lots of marked hiking trails, invite you to discover on foot the beauties of nature from Padurea Craiului: waterfalls, caves, deep valleys, vast forests and dreamy panoramas.

Regardless of the season, a walk in nature is a delight for the eyes and the soul. Some of the routes marked here can be covered by the little ones, without raising any particular difficulties.

The route of the Boiului Valley Circuit on the part that follows the picturesque course of the Boiului Valley to the waterfall of the same name is also suitable for small explorers.

Marking: red dot. Duration: 4 hours. Level difference: 433 m.

The Cuţilor Gorge circuit is a relatively easy route that follows the course of the Cuţilor Valley between rocky slopes almost 100 meters high.

Marking: red dot. Duration: 2 hours. Level difference: 120 m.

On the Dâlbii Valley Circuit, the route follows the valley through rocky slopes, from which a unique natural bridge stands out.

Marking: yellow dot. Duration: 1.5 hours. Level difference: 80 m.

Farcu Crystal Cave – Izbucul Roșiei is a short route that includes four attractions: The Crystal Cave from Farcu Mine, Bina Mirghii Waterfall (10 m high, with variable water flow depending on precipitation), Gruieț Cave (450 m in length – adventure cave) and Izbucul Roșiei (among the first karst springs as a flow in Romania).

Marking: blue cross. Duration: 2 hours. Level difference: 230 m.

! Visiting the adventure caves can be done only in the presence of a specialized guide, properly equipped and in compliance with the visiting regulations.

Going through the thematic paths from Vadu Crişului, Şuncuiuş and Roşia is an opportunity to discover nature and to understand its secrets. The signs that accompany the routes describe to tourists, big or small, the forest, its living things, the geological and mining past of the places.

On two wheels

The ingredients of a wonderful day spent with the family: nature, movement and good cheer.

How? On the bike

Where? In Pădurea Craiului, on the route Remetea – Drăgoteni.

Of course, this route is not the only one accessible to children. In Pădurea Craiului there are other cycling routes that, in some parts, are suitable for the whole family.

On horseback, as in the Wild West

At “Caii liberi” in Bratca are organized introductory lessons in horseback riding, horseback riding on routes for beginners or advanced and activities that involve the direct interaction of visitors with horses: walking, feeding, weaving, etc.

The Bratca farm has 6 horses, two of which are for beginners and the other 4 for riders with medium and advanced experience.

The horses are large, semi-gray, with one exception. They are friendly, good-natured, have different personalities and are quite strong.

Living legacy

Padurea Craiului is a destination with a special cultural life. The time spent here will surely turn into unforgettable memories.

Vadu Crișului commune also became famous due to an endangered occupation today, pottery. The white pottery from Vadu Crişului is unique in Europe, and in Maria Poli’s pottery workshop you will have the opportunity to find out some of the secrets of this craft.

At the Dorel Codoban museum in Lazuri de Roșia, you will discover the trumpet violin, a unique folk instrument, unique in the world, often used in rural areas for weddings and baptisms.

Traditions related to the great holidays, including the egg painting in the village of Drăgoteni, carols and Christmas festivals, the folk costume, a peasant house transformed into a museum or others preserved as a few decades ago, the wooden and stone churches, weavers or traditional street tailors add charm and color to these places.

A visit to the wooden church in Valea Crișului will turn into a unique experience for children, if you choose to get there in a horse-drawn carriage.

Periodic events or fairs that aim to bring the townspeople to the village world, such as “Straiţa plină” or a brunch with products cooked according to local recipes are also real attractions for all family members.

! Please note that in-kind activities presented in this material are potentially risky activities. The information presented will be used only together and taking into account the level of experience and the degree of training you have.

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