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Gruiețului Cave

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Gruiețului Cave

Location Roşia commune
Elevation gain 20 m (-0 m) (+20 m)
Development 414 m
Length of the visitable route 350 m
Duration of the visit 2 hours
Maximum group size 8 persons
Open from April 16 to October 14
Degree of difficulty easy

Cave description

Those eager to discover the underground adventure can start with Gruieţului cave. Accessible even to children, this is another “school cave from Pădurea Craiului”.

Gruiețului Cave is located on the left slope of Șteazelor Valley, in the Defileul Crișului Repede – Pădurea Craiului Natura 2000 Site, on the administrative territory of Roșia commune, Bihor county.
The underground cavity has an active part, crossed by an underground stream, and a fossil part, with many interesting formations.
Due to the optimal conditions of temperature and humidity, more than six species of bats are housed here, fascinating mammals, capable of flying and which use echolocation for guidance.

“On its active side it has many very interesting formations, erosion phenomena, reverse pots … It is not a big cave, but as small at it is, the more interesting it is. In the fossil zone there are formations that are even more impressive in size, as well as the size of some rooms here ”. (Gheorghe Brijan, “Speodava Caving Club”, Ştei)

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What you need to know
Scheduling & Visiting Fees
Contact a local tour operator who will make you a price offer and facilitate your visit, in accordance with the visiting regulations.
Guidance & Equipment
A specialized guide will accompany you throughout the visit, and personal protective equipment will be provided by tour operators active in the area.

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