Iadului Valley, high altitude hiking!

Hiking is a way of living, and the Iadului Valley can always be a privileged destination for those who know what it means to kick the mountain, drink good spring water or spend a night in a tent by the campfire.

These places and their unforgettable landscapes keep the promise to fully reward every step, every drop of sweat.

The tourist routes of  Iadului Valley are special due to some interesting features. Here are the trails located at the highest altitude in Pădurea Craiului (approx. 1400 m). There are long, enduring routes, and in most cases there are trail that connect with other important tourist areas, such as the area of the Meziad cave or Stâna de Vale resort.

The heights that dominate the course of Iadului Valley offer hikers the privilege to enjoy their view with panoramic landscapes of rare beauty, Drăgan-Floroiu Lake, Vlădeasa Peak, Leșu Lake or even Iadului Valley.

Caves, waterfalls or traditional villages are not absent from the objectives list.

Hiking trails in Iadului valley

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drumetie padurea craiului coada lacului stana de vale

Leşu Lake tail – Stana de Vale

traseu banda albastraA more novel alternative of the old hiking route that connected the “Baraj Leşu” motel and the resort of Stâna de Vale, with the same marking, blue stripe. The new trail of this mountain itinerary starts from the center of the Coada Lacului vacation village.

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Drumetie Valea Iadului panorama creasta Bulz

Bulz circuit

traseu banda rosieA route designed for a day spent in the saddle of a bicycle, which can also become a tourist attraction for hikers. The recommended hiking area of the route starts near the border between Bihor and Cluj counties, at almost 1,000 meters altitude, and offers tourists some of the most beautiful landscapes of Pădurea Craiului

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drumetie pestera meziad meziad stana de vale

Meziad cave – Stâna de Vale

traseu triunghi albastraThe route of Meziad – Stâna de Vale, marked with a blue triangle, is quite difficult, taking into account the fact that it climbs over 1,000 meters difference in level, its highest point being in the vicinity of the Gaudeamus Chalet – Stâna de Vale.

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Suncuius versantul drept

Meziad Chalet – Leșu Dam

traseu triunghi albastraMarked with a blue triangle, the route of the Meziad chalet – Baraj Leşu motel, through the Coada Lacului holiday village, is 23 kilometers long. Of these, the last 11 km are on the road.

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Tourist attractions in Iadului valley

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