Trail Running

Hills Trail

Traseul Colinelor vedere de sus 2

The Hills Trail takes the runner to two of the most famous tourist attractions in Roșia: Farcu Crystal Cave and Traditional House Experience which offer the possibility to see historical houses restructured. Here the past is revived, and the beauty of nature is welcoming and straightforward. The route follows the most beautiful hill lines and loops the area around Roșia de Lazuri. It is also an excellent way to practice speed and endurance. The track is suitable for all seasons.

Start: Lazuri de Roșia, at the entrance in Lazuri Gorge

Finish: Lazuri de Roșia, at the access in Lazuri Gorge

Landmarks: Lazuri de Roșia – Farcu Crystal Cave – Țarină – Ponița – Lazuri de Roșia

Distance: 30 km

Cumulative elevation gain: 1600 m+

Time estimated: 8 hours

Marks: a runner coloured in red

Difficulty: medium to difficult (due to the length of the route)

Recommendations: running shoes, adequate clothes for weather conditions, 1 litre of water, food

Technical description: The route starts from Roșia de Lazuri Village, goes on the road for about 5 km and follows the specific mark of a runner coloured in red until it arrives at Moha cottage. At 9.5 km reaches the highest point, 790 m, on the pick of Frășinoasa Hill. Nearby is the county road DJ 764 which connects Daniș Village with Pleșa Village at km 12. It continues with up-hill until km 18, through the forest, on top of Rădăcina Hill. In this area are the traditional houses. Next is a descent near Pleșa Hill, across Ponița Village until the Crystal Cave and then the return to the starting point on the same asphalt road.

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