Meziadului Cave

Pesteri amenajate Meziad

Meziadului Cave

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An emblematic destination of the Pădurea Craiului mountains, the Meziad cave is one of the largest, most beautiful and most famous show caves in Romania.

The impressive dimensions of the access portal to the cave (16 meters high and 10 meters wide), as well as the interior, the diversity of cave formations along with large colonies of bats capture the attention of visitors throughout the visit. Near the natural underground bridge the ceiling of the cave is 35 meters high.

This place is definitely one of the old tourist attractions in Romania. More than a hundred years ago, when it was researched by Czaran Gyula, nicknamed the father of the Bihor tourism, the cave became a place sought by the “good world” of cities in western Transylvania. Real expeditions took place here, starting from Stâna de Vale and often lasting several days and nights. New Year’s balls were usually held between the large halls of the cave.

The Meziad cave has the status of a natural reservation, due to the richness and diversity of the cave formations, as well as the presence of a rich cave fauna (one of the largest bat colonies in Romania). In addition to the deposit of bones that belonged to the cave bear, discovered in the Hall of Bones, in the Meziad Cave were also identified traces of the existence of prehistoric man. The best known of these is the skull of a young man who is supposed to have been sacrificed in a ritual ceremony.


Location and Access

Access from E 79 (Oradea – Deva)

Beiuș – Delani – Petreasa – Remetea – Meziad

Access from E60 (Oradea – Cluj)

Borod – Bratca – Damiș – Roșia – Remetea – Meziad

Once in Meziad, at end of the village, an asphalt road branches to the left to Meziad Challet. To reach the cave you continue to climb on foot along the Peșterii Valley for about 1.2 kilometers, crossing a picturesque area of gorges.


January - February
Monday-Sunday11.00 - 15.00*
March - April
Monday-Sunday11.00 - 16.00*
May - Octomber
Monday-Sunday10.00 - 17.00*
Monday-Sunday11.00 - 16.00*
Monday-Sunday11.00 - 15.00*

(*) Last entrance to the cave, for which it is necessary to be present at the ticket office at least 10 minutes before the time of the last entry.

Note: Entries take place every hour, as follows: 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00…. depending on the daily schedule.

  • Duration of the visit: 50 minutes
  • Temperature inside the cave: 9 – 12 0C. We recommend that you have appropriate clothing and footwear.
  • Group size: maximum 30 people / entrance

Visiting rates and payment methods

Adults 30 lei
Children (5-14 ani)
15 lei
Frum June 1:
Adults 35 lei
Children (5-14 ani) 25 lei

For groups organized by travel agencies, schools, universities, school camps, etc. please contact us for a visit appointment and a personalized offer,

from Monday to Friday between 09.00 – 13.00 by e-mail to or SMS to the phone number 0744426272. Specify the name of the cave, the number of people, the date and time when the arrival is expected, a phone number where you can be contacted. In order to confirm your appointment, you will be contacted by a representative of the cave administrator.

The members of the Romanian Federation of Speleology with the identity card for the current year benefit from free admission.

Methods of payment:

padurea craiului plata cu cash


padurea craiului plata cu card

Bank card

Facilities and services

  • Parking
  • Coach parking
  • Restaurant
  • Guide services
  • Accommodation
  • Gift shop
Visiting rules - read more ...

Visiting rules

  • It is forbidden to disturb the existing specimens or colonies of bats on the tourist route;
  • It is forbidden to collect or move stones from the access path inside the cave;
  • It is forbidden to touch the formations or walls inside the cave;
  • It is forbidden to take photos with FLASHLIGHT or PHONE LIGHT inside the cave;
  • Follow the access routes to the cave;
  • Strictly follow the directions of the guides while visiting the cave;
  • Pets are not allowed inside the cave. They can accompany tourists only to the entrance of the cave;
  • Please DO NOT disturb the peace of nature and other tourists;
  • It is forbidden to throw garbage and waste in the cave, use the specially arranged places in the parking perimeter.
  • It is forbidden to organize barbecues, meals, camping inside the parking lot and the perimeter of the cave;
  • Parking is allowed only in places specially arranged for this purpose;
  • Tourists are asked to carefully walk the access route to the cave; The staff does NOT take responsibility for accidents that occur due to tourists’ inattention or non-compliance with the instructions of the guides and the administrator, both inside and outside the cave!
  • The administrator or guide may interrupt the visit at any time and may ask visitors to leave the cave, if circumstances indicate that the safety of the cave or persons is endangered.
  • It is forbidden to sell and / or promote any services or products in the perimeter of access to the cave without the prior consent of the cave administrator and Remetea Commune Hall.
COVID-19 rules - read more

COVID-19 rules

Due to the restrictions imposed by the COVID 19 pandemic, there are limitations on the maximum number of people for a tour, which can increase the waiting time for entering the cave.

All tourists must wear a protective mask, both in the outdoor spaces, in the ticket office, and during the underground visit. They must also disinfect their hands at the entrance to the ticket office and maintain the sanitary distance provided by the rules in force, at least 2 meters, on the visit route from the cave, in the ticket office and in the close areas.

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