Mocănița Via-Ferrata

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Via Ferrata “Mocaniţa” – Zânelor Wall, Pădurea Craiului


B ↔ 150m ↑ 110m1h peak / 2h total

Mocaniţa Ferry Route was inaugurated in 2015 on the Zanelor Wall, near Vadu Crişului, Crişului Repede Gorge, Padurea Craiului. The establishment of the route belongs to the Mountain Rescue Service of Bihor County, funded by the Bihor County Council, with the help offered by the CASSIO Montana Bihor Club.

In short:

All via Ferrata routes from the Crişului Repede Gorge

  1. Via Ferrata “Montana Land” – Suncuiuş, Bihor county (B)
    B | ↔ 170m | ↑ 80m | 30min Peak (1 h total) | Payment
  2. Via Ferrata “Casa Zmeului” – Vadu Crişului, Bihor county (C)
    C | ↔ 215m | ↑ 150m | 1h peak (2 hours total) | Free
  3. Via Ferrata “Mocanita” – Zanelor Wall, Vadu Crisului, Bihor County (B)
    B | ↔ 150m | ↑ 110m | 1h + peak (2h + total) | Free

map for this route

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On the map above, P is the parking lot, with the red flags entering and leaving the route, the orange route is the access road to the via Ferrata route, and the green route is the return route.

Access: Starting next to the sports ground in the village of Vadu Crisului (GPS: 46 ° 58’33.2 “N 22 ° 30’27.5” E or 46.975900, 22.507648), the shortest access path is the one next to the railway that is crossing the gorge. We pass the Casa Zmeului Cave, where we can find the former salt customs – the salt customs has been documented since 1256.

(Next, to the cave there is the other via Ferrata route from Vadu Crişului (C) “Casa Zmeului.”)

Another 5-10 minutes to walk along the trail, and we will have on the left a slope with detritus that goes up in the forest, marked with a billboard that says “Via Ferrata.”

The Via Ferrata route from Vadu Crisului is located on a cliff of about 100 m, called the Fairy’s Wall. The route is equipped with metallic cables for insurance and with metallic stairs to allow you to climb with ease.

Length of the route: 150m. Level difference: 110m.

Difficulty: B (easy). Difficulty grades are marked from A (very light) to E (extreme).

The track is provided with many metallic stairs, making it easy to climb. The level difference of only 110m and the little difficult parts recommends it for beginners but accompanied by experienced people.

The route is recommended to be traveled by people over the age of 16, at least 1.50m high and in good physical condition. For children, the trail is quite tricky, and it is recommended that an experienced adult should accompany them.

Trip time: 1h – 2h30 min.

The quality of metal structures was impeccable on June 24, 2017.

Access costs: Free of charge.

Required equipment: helmet, harness, and lanyard special for Via Ferrata, with shock absorption mechanism plus two special Via Ferrata carabiners. Optionally, hand gloves.

Return: Withdrawal from the route from Vadu Crişului can be done:

  1. On the tourist path marked with a blue point to the village of Vadu Crişului. The mark goes down precisely at the sports ground where you started the route.
  2. On the tourist path marked with a blue point to the Vadu Crisului Cave area. To fill the day, you can also visit the cave (show cave) and then you can go to the car.

Weather conditions: Meteoblue Vadu Crisului, View weather Vadu Crisului.

Emergency call: 0-SALVAMONT, or 0725.826.668 or emergency number 112. GPS coordinates of the route, the location: 46 ° 58’12.21 “N 22 ° 30’49.87”E.

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