Crișului Repede valley

For connoisseurs, the Crișului Repede Valley is the cradle of adventure activities, and the cycling routes here are commensurate with this reputation.

he length and the degree of difficulty above average are a challenge difficult to refuse by any mountain biking enthusiast.

Hard, but worthed!, you might say.

Once up, in the vicinity of the villages of Zece Hotare, Tomnatic and Pojorâta, the road improves, so that it allows cyclists to enjoy the beauty of the landscape. And there are many to see: forests, meadows, a lake, traditional houses, karst landscape.

Then comes the descent … Well, that’s something you’ll remember!

Mountainbiking trails in Crișului Repede valley

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Cicloturism Padurea Craiului aventura T

T4: Mountainbiking to the max

A short but challenging cycling route. In just a few hours you will pedal through meadows, grasslands, forests and valleys. The successive change of the landscape will not let you think about the quite demanding ascents and descents.

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Cicloturism Padurea Craiului pe bicicleta T

T5: Padurea Craiului and its gems

A rather difficult cycling route that crosses the picturesque area of the karst plateau of Zece Hotare and the commune of Vadu Crișului. A route with many ascents and descents, to the taste of any mountain bike enthusiast. The route starts from the center of Șuncuiuș village, from where we follow DC 177 towards the quarry. The road climbs up to the quarry.

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Cicloturism Padurea Craiului Valea Misidului T

T7: Reserved for enthusiasts

A spectacular mountain biking route that involves frequent crossings through the river of Mișid and several push-bike sectors. This itinerary seriously tests the technique and physical endurance of cyclists. It’s one of those routes you can brag about to your friends. From the center of Șuncuiuș commune, follow the blue triangle tourist marking that goes upstream to the old castle, today the sports base of LPS Bihorul.

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Cicloturism Padurea Craiului Suncuius T

T8: Enduro track

Endurance circuit, difficult not so much due to the distance, but especially due to the alternation of ascents and descents. It will test the abilities and physical endurance of every cyclist. Instead, the landscapes fully compensate for the effort made.The descending parts are the “icing on the cake”.

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Tourist attractions in Crișului Repede valley

Discover the tourist attractions in Crișului Repede valley

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