Roșia valley

On Roșia Valley you have something new to discover at every step. The cycling routes in this part of Pădurea Craiului go, in most cases, to precise destinations such as the Meziad cave or the Crystal Cave from Farcu mine.

But there are also routes for those who want to spend most of the day in the saddle, pedaling on virgin paths.

One thing is for sure, easy or a bit more difficult, the mountain bike routes on the Roșia Valley have something to offer for all cyclists who dare to travel them.

Sweat and … inspiration. The landscape is a bonus!

Mountainbiking trails in Roșia valley

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Cicloturism panorma Padurea Craiului T

T1: Discover the village of ancient traditions

It is a short and very easy cycling route only good for an afternoon “walk” with family or friends. The route has a slightly more difficult part, a short climb, but instead offers the chance to admire some beautiful landscapes and to discover rare traditional occupations. The route starts from the center of Remetea village, in the direction of Roșia.

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Cicloturism Meziad Valea Pesterii T

T2: A visit to the Meziad Cave

A mountain biking route that can be covered in half a day. Its main objective is the Meziad cave, one of the largest and most interesting caves in the country. But on the way back, the route puts the strength and endurance of cyclists to the test. The route starts from the center of Remetea village. We follow the direction indicated by the road sign, towards the village of Meziad.

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Cicloturism Valea Rosia Cheile Albioarei T

T3: Pădurea Craiului, all-inclusive

A mountain biking route, with a medium degree of difficulty. It can be covered in half a day, taking into account the visit to the Crystal Cave from Farcu mine. Trvelling it, cyclists can see some of the most representative objectives of Padurea Craiului. It is a route for well-trained cyclists. From Remetea we start towards Josani and at the junction marked with a road sign indicating the direction to Goila, we turn left.

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Cicloturism Padurea Craiului Runcuri T

T9: Rosia Valley in pictures

A relatively short mountain biking route, which can be covered in half a day, but which involves a series of steep climbs and a few steep descents. The visit to the Crystal Cave from Farcu mine, the beautiful panoramas of Roșia commune and its surroundings fully reward the effort made. From the center of Roșia village, more precisely from the small square in front of the commune hall, we start towards Ponița village.

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