A stone’s throw from Dobrești commune, the Luncasprie dam, located on the Vida valley, is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Padurea Craiului.

About Lake Vida, tourists say it seems to be part of a story. The colors of the forest that surrounds it are reflected in the lake water and thus change, in turn, its color, from one season to another.

The spillway, the overflow sip or the whirlpool, as the locals call it, is funnel-shaped. Located in the middle of the lake, this is the main attraction of the dam. Tourists come to photograph the little engineering miracle, a pioneer in terms of constructions in Romania, at the time of its construction.

Lake Vida has an area of ​​6 hectares and a length of 2 kilometers. Built in 1967, the dam provided the water needed to wash the bauxite ore extracted from the exploitations located everywhere in the Pădurea Craiului mountains. The local elders say that before the dam was built there was a mill here, the oldest in Luncasprie.

The surroundings of Lake Vida or the gorge area of ​​this watercourse are also very suitable destinations for short outings in nature, on foot or by bike.

Lake Vida is two steps away from the T3 cycle tourism route, “Pădurea Craiului, all-inclusive“.


By car:

On the route Oradea – Deva (E 79)
Saturday – Dobrești – Luncasprie

On the route Oradea – Cluj (E60)
Tileagd – Tilecuș – Vârciorog – Luncasprie


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