In the commune of Pomezeu at number 62, there is a unique rural museum point. It is about a household like most of them were in this part of the country, a hundred years ago. It is less known that the building, which houses an important collection of peasant objects, was inscribed on the list of historical monuments in Romania.

Specific to these places, the house is one of those with closed courtyards. Inside them there is the household composed of: the house, the glade, the hill (a kind of garage for carts and other agricultural tools), huts for animals and birds. The home of Floare Morgovan stands out due to the loft, the porch, from which you enter the room from the street, also called the room for “guests”. In the courtyard part of the house is the living room.

Also in the hall were the bread oven and the stove for cooking. The walls of the house were built of earthen bricks, “vaioaga”, and plastered with clay.

The traditional house from Pomezeu may be the best argument for a beautiful journey into the past.

More details about the traditional way of life in Pomezeu, about when and how to visit the rural museum point, you can find out from Doru Benea, +40 760 694 627.

This objective can also be reached from the T3 cycle tourism route, “Pădurea Craiului, all-inclusive”.


By car:

On the route Oradea – Deva (E 79)
Răbăgani – Pomezeu

On the route Oradea – Cluj (E60)
Borod – Bratca – Damiș – Roșia – Căbești – Goila – Vălani de Pomezeu – Pomezeu


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T3: Pădurea Craiului, all-inclusive

Route Remetea – Josani – Goila – Vălani de Pomezeu – Câmpani de Pomezeu – Pomezeu – Sitani – Luncasprie – Albioarei Gorge – Runcuri Plateau – Poniţa – The Crystal Cave from Farcu mine – Lazuri – Roşia – Căbeşti – Josani – Remetea
Distance 45 kilometers
Cumulative level difference 810 meters
Travel time 5 hours
Degree of difficulty medium
Surface asphalt, paved road, paved road
Discover also:  the Crystal Cave from Farcu mine, thematic route, the water mill from Roşia, Vida Lake, Albioarei Gorge, Runcuri karst plateau

Route description

A mountain biking route, with a medium degree of difficulty. It can be covered in half a day, taking into account the visit to the Crystal Cave from Farcu mine. Trvelling it, cyclists can see some of the most representative objectives of Padurea Craiului. It is a route for well-trained cyclists.

From Remetea we start towards Josani and at the junction marked with a road sign indicating the direction to Goila, we turn left. After the first houses in Goila, there is a Y shaped junction, and we will take the road on the left, which starts first to descend slightly, and then more accentuated, through a small forest. We continue ahead, until we reach Vălani de Pomezeu where we will turn left towards Câmpani de Pomezeu. There are basically two ways to do this: either on the county road or on the communal road, which connects the two villages. If you follow the second option, you will have more to climb.

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In Câmpani de Pomezeu, at the large junction located at the end of the village near the Penticostal Church, we continue our way to Pomezeu. At the entrance in Pomezeu there is another intersection where we turn right. The next village is Luncasprie. Here we will turn onto the first street on the right, after the cemetery. We keep this road, we leave the village and we continue to climb in serpentines through the forest and meadows. The only intersection we will encounter is the one with the road coming from Răcaş village. At this point, we will turn right and follow the main road (the most used). We continue to go up and down, slowly. For this part of the route, our target is the county road that crosses the Albioara Gorges. Until there we will meet two more roads on the right, but we only keep the direction forward. After a steep descent, we reach Albioara Gorges. Here we will turn left, until the next junction with a road to the right, towards the Runcuri Plateau. At about 200 meters before the junction, right at the entrance in the meadow, we will find a spring with cold water only good for refueling.

From the meadow we climb the Runcuri Plateau, passing through sinkholes and hayfields. We follow the main road and not long after we start to descend quite accentuated towards the village of Ponita. After passing the first two houses, there is a junction where we turn left. We cross the village, only downhill. (Carreful! At some point, you have to turn left. The forward variant involves a small climb, but still leads to the same place). After turning left at the mentioned junction, we will cross the river on the left side. From here the houses will become scarcer and we will pass through fenced meadows. This part does not take long, so at the next junction we will turn left towards the Crystal Cave from Farcu mine. We climb slightly on the road that follows the valley to the end of the village, where the road crosses the water, turns sharply to the right and begins a more demanding climb to Farcu cave. This tourist attraction is one of the main attractions of the Padurea Craiului mountains. Once here we can visit the cave or walk the nearby themed path, admiring from the suspended balcony the spectacular panorama of the Lazuri Gorges.

To continue to the village of Lazuri we follow the road that turns to the right, 180 degrees, right near the cave, from the direction we came from. At the next junction, both ways lead to Lazuri. The one on the left is lighter because it only goes downhill. From Lazuri we follow the road to Roșia where we intersect with the main road and turn left, towards Remetea. About 200 meters from the intersection, on the right side is a water mill, which can be visited.

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