A splendid viewpoint, from where beautiful panoramas open towards Leșu Lake, towards the course of Iadului Valley, towards the Văldeasa peak and over the Coada Lacului holiday village. The Piatra Bulzului peak rises proudly above the forest, on the left side of the valley.

The place is, at the same time, an important landmark for hiking trails in this area, routes that come or go to the Meziad cave, Stâna de Vale, Remeți or Aria Vulturilor.

Piatra Bulzului Peak is a tourist attraction worth visiting, regardless of whether you are staying at one of the chalets in the Coada Lacului holiday village or just passing by by car. Certainly, any tourist will be left with the memory of an unforgettable landscape.

The hiking trail Cabana Meziad – Motel “Baraj Leșu” marked with a red triangle includes Piatra Bulzului among its attractions.


By car:

On the route Oradea – Deva (E 79)
Beiuș – Budureasa – Stâna de Vale – Coada Lacului

On the route Oradea – Cluj (E60)
Bucea / Bratca – Bulz – Remeți – Coada Lacului – Stâna de Vale

Note: DJ 108J that connects Coada Lacului and Stâna de Vale is currently in a process of modernization, which makes it very difficult to travel with cars.

The route can be used for access:

Borod – Bratca – Damiș – Roșia – Căbești – Remetea – Petreasa – Delani – Beiuș – Budureasa – Stâna de Vale

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