The potter Merinu Peter is, beyond any doubt, a character. A plastic artist, a speleologist, from the “golden generation of Bihor explorers”, and a great storyteller, he opens his house for anyone who wants to know how clay is worked or to listen to his memories.

The artist from Roșia is also involved in preserving the traditions. He has a substantial collection of folk costumes and peasant objects. In addition, several groups of local students learn the secrets of pottery in Merinu Peter’s workshop.

If they enter his door, many of the artist’s guests cannot leave empty-handed. Cabbage rolls pots, plates, cups, figurines, decorations … all carefully and painstakingly made from Rosia’s red earth, are the most appropriate souvenir from such a visit. The stories and the brandy glass come from the house.

To visit the artist Merinu Peter, in Roșia commune, Ponița village, it is good to schedule your visit by calling +40 771 704 397.

The potter’s house is located on the cycling routes T3 “Pădurea Craiului, all-inclusive” and T9 “Pădurea Craiului in pictures“.


By car:

On the route Oradea – Deva (E 79)

Beiuș – Delani – Petreasa – Remetea – Căbești – Roșia – Ponița


On the route Oradea – Cluj (E60)

Borod – Bratca – Damiș – Roșia – Ponița


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