It would be difficult to find a more representative landscape for Pădurea Craiului mountains. The karst plateau of Zece Hotare is the destination that makes you think of the peace of patriarchal life. Pastures, sinkholes, floodplains, lapies fields, traditional houses and many other tourist attractions are, say locals and hikers, the very essence of these places.

Mountain villages, such as Pojorâta and Gugu, seem to have been forgotten by time.

With its winding roads, which go up or down sharply, the area is also a perfect destination for mountain biking enthusiasts. In spring and summer, the pastures on the karst plateau are full of flowers.

The Zece Hotare area can also be reached on the Vadu Crișului Cave Chalet – Bătrânului Cave route, marked with a blue stripe or following the cycling routes: T5 “Pădurea Craiului and its gems”, T7 “Reserved for enthusiasts” and T8 “Enduro track”.


By car:

On the route Oradea – Cluj (E60)
Topa de Criș – Vadu Crișului – Șuncuiuș – Zece Hotare

On the route Oradea – Deva (E 79)
Beiuș – Delani – Petreasa – Remetea – Căbești – Roșia – Damiș – Bratca – Bălnaca – Șuncuiuș – Zece Hotare


By train:

on the route Cluj – Oradea, through Șuncuiuș station.


On foot:

The karst plateau of Zece Hotare can be reached, from the center of Șuncuiuș commune, on the road that passes by the Izbândiș spring.

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