The most famous and photographed of Pădurea Craiului waterfalls, the waterfall from Vadu Crișului can also be seen from the windows of the trains that cross the Crișului Repede gorge. But few know that this waterfall is actually an artificial one. In the past, the waters coming out from Vadu Crișului cave flowed into the river after descending the slope, quite smooth, located on the right side of the exit from the underground. Probably, in the first years of the 20th century, together with the works of arranging the cave and with the construction of the cottage, the course of the stream was diverted to the 10 meter high cliff. During the drier periods, the most spectacular and most famous waterfall in the Pădurea Craiului mountains, the waterfall from Vadu Crișului, hides its foamy stream behind a natural limestone canopy. At the base of the waterfall is a natural pool, dug into the rock.

The most pleasant way to discover this tourist objective is to, on a summer day, to go down to the base of the cliff, to listen to the roar of the water and to feel its coolness.

The waterfall is a mandatory stopping point for rafting tours organized by operators in the area, the place being ideal for a regular splash.

Six of the hiking routes from Pădurea Craiului destination start or have among their objectives the Vadu Crișului waterfall:

Vadu Crișului Cave Chalet – Bătrânului Cave (blue stripe), Crisului Repede Gorge Yellow Circuit (yellow dot), Crisului Repede Gorge Right Slope Circuit (blue dot), Crisului Repede Gorge Left Slope Circuit (red dot), V Crișului chalet – Mișidului Valley – Moanei Cave (blue triangle), Vadu Crișului Cave Chalet – Șuncuiuș (red triangle).


By car:

On the route Oradea – Cluj (E60)
Topa de Criș – Vadu Crișului

On the route Oradea – Deva (E 79)
Beiuș – Delani – Petreasa – Remetea – Căbești – Roșia – Damiș – Bratca – Bălnaca – Șuncuiuș – Vadu Crișului

Careful! Car access to Vadu Crisului waterfall is not possible.



By train:

on the route Cluj – Oradea, through Halta Peștera station


On foot:

The access to the Vadu Crișului waterfall is made on foot from Vadu Crișului localities (1.9 km, double red dot route) or Șuncuiuș (2.6 km, double red dot route).


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