Go with the flow in Padurea Craiului!

Rafting on Crișul Repede is suitable both for mountain sports enthusiasts and for those who have not yet experienced this activity. Descending on fast waters requires coordination and teamwork, so it is becoming more and more sought after by families, groups of friends, but also for team building activities.

Those who descended by boat, kayak or canoe on Crișul Repede will remember this experience for a long time.

Crișul Repede is considered a river with a degree of difficulty II, without major difficulties to navigate with the help of boats such as kayaks, canoes or rafting boats.

Along this route there are six areas where, although the speed of water flow is higher, it does not raise problems even for the least experienced tourists. In three other places, the rapids are a bit longer and turbulent, their approach being more difficult, but not so difficult that they cannot be traversed successfully, especially in the company of experienced monitors. There is only one point where the difficulty of the route is considered “difficult”, but even in this case, you will have the support and guidance of the monitors who accompany you, to safely overcome this challenge.

Rules for navigating Crișul Repede river

Ce trebuie să știi pentru a face rafting pe Crișul Repede.
  • Crișul Repede can be navigated between March 15 and October 31, between 9 am and 6 pm, depending on the water level
  • All activities carried out on Crisul Repede are carried out at your own risk
  • Navigation under the influence of psychotropic substances, under the influence of alcoholic beverages and in a psycho-physical state that prevents safe navigation, is strictly prohibited
  • Access to the river is only allowed at specifically marked entry and exit points

Please note that rafting is a high risk activity. The information presented here should only be used together and taking into account the level of experience and training you have. CAPDD Bihor cannot be held responsible for any physical or moral damage resulting from the use of the information presented here or in any of its publications.

! During periods of heavy rainfall or when upstream dams release large amounts of water, the level of the course can increase even by a few meters, certain parts becoming really dangerous. We recommend you to go rafting accompanied by authorized guides!

Tips and advice:

  • Please check if you are familiar with the river, dangerous sections and areas where navigation is strictly prohibited
  • Make sure you are familiar with all the important information you need to navigate safely
  • Please consider your level of readiness to navigate the Crișul Repede River and do not overestimate your abilities.
  • We recommend that you hire specialized guides and navigate only with them. Authorized guides are qualified and have extensive experience, we encourage you to use them with confidence.
  • Make sure you check the safety and type of your boat carefully
  • Navigate the river with all the necessary equipment
  • Think about your own safety and the safety of others

Recommended equipment:

  • helmet
  • life jacket
  • wetsuit
  • wetsuit shoes
  • sweatshirt
  • life rope (at least 15 m)
  • first aid kit
  • knife

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