Tourist Attractions

Runcuri Plateau

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Walk on hills covered with wildflowers, dotted with haystacks or hidden in forest clusters, explore the underground world created by water and limestone, discover the traditional and archaic life of the country, learn about bats and their importance for nature, taste the delicious food with Romanian and Hungarian influences.
Spend an evening on a campfire, on the hilltop where you can look around the entire Beius Country or stay for a few hours in the company of locals who from where you can hear stories or learn things that are not even in books.
All this is expected in the village of Runcuri, a corner of the river Roşia Valley.
Whether you are with a group of friends, family or alone, the village of Runcuri is the ideal place for your next holiday! The area is easily accessible, and the panorama you can enjoy on the Country of Beius at every step is the cherry on the cake all the time here.