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The first network of hiking trails in Romania in Pădurea Craiului

Primavera Trail Race 4

Hit the running trail!

Mountain running is gaining more and more followers in our country. The specific competitions organized by the Xterra Sport Club in Oradea are already an essential point in the competition calendar of those who practice this form of motion in nature. And the Center for Protected Areas and Sustainable Development Bihor (CALD) is keen to continue its efforts to make the Pădurea Craiului mountains a generous tourist destination. This is how the idea of the first trail running in Romania was born.

Until May, C.A.P.D.D. Bihor and the Xterra Sports Club will also design and field map five mountain trekking routes that will also include permanent bookmarks in the following languages: Romanian, Hungarian and English. Within the same project, maps of the five trails will be printed, a web page will be created, where athletes will be provided with data on the length, difficulty and profile of each route, route sheet, downloadable in digital format, along with the GPS coordinates of them. A social media page dedicated to amateurs and trail running practitioners will also be launched.

“The five routes with different degrees of difficulty focus on two main areas: the Crişului Repede and the surroundings of Roşia commune. For example, the Şuncuiuş, Castel Castle, Wind Cave, Unguru Mare cave, Mişid valley, Moanei cave, Şuncuiuş is a beginner’s route. It has only 12 kilometers and a cumulative difference of only 420 meters. By comparison, the Şuncuiuş route, the right slope, the sports base from Vadu Crişului, the Vadu Crişului cave, Popul Hill, the old cave, the Moanei cave, Mişidului valley, Şuncuiuş is a marathon route, 42 km and a difference of 2.300 meters” explains István Szokolszki, president of Xterra Oradea.

President C.A.D.D. Bihor, Paul Iacobas, believes that, although the Primavera Trail Race has already become a tradition, the potential of Padurea Craiului for mountain running is not sufficiently explored. “The purpose of this network is to facilitate the discovery of the Padurea Craiului ecotourism destination by practicing the mountain running, a sport that can be adapted for both experienced and beginner tourists. Inside the site there are karst plateaus, deep valleys, a dense network of roads, macadam, paths, and trails, excellent for mountain running, “Paul Iacobas said. The initiative, with a budget of 23,200 lei, is an activity realized within the “Craiul Padure, a better place to visit, a better place to live”, implemented by the CAPDD Bihor, as part of the Green Entrepreneurship program, a joint program of the Romanian-American Foundation and the Partnership Foundation. Photo Credit: © Nagy Ivan @Primavera Trail Race