Padurea Craiului peisaj de toamna relaxare

Padurea Craiului, relaxation from one horizon to another

Padurea Craiului is more than an area dedicated to adventure sports. Like any true Transylvanian, the inhabitants of Pădurea Craiului are calm and settled people and this makes the area a suitable destination for relaxation. The generous nature, with smooth lanscapes, invites here also those who are eager to spend a few days in peace.

A snack with local dishes, the famous pies specific to the Beiuş area, a mouthful of brandy, a meal at a trout farm or a walk from Şuncuiuş to Vadu Crișului, along the Crişului Repede gorge, to discover caves resembling dwarf castles or traces of the history of the place, there are as many invitations to be discovered.

Hiking on mountain trails

The ecotourism destination has a network of 17 marked and accessible hiking trails, which take hikers to enchanting panoramas, through meadows that, at the beginning of summer, are full of rare flowers and through forests left untouched since ancient times. Following two of the routes mentioned above, those that cross the slopes of the Crişului Repede gorge, travelers have access to the same views that climbers can see. Equally beautiful is the landscape of the Lazurilor Gorges, perfectly visible from the balcony installed above this valley, less than half an hour’s walk from the Cave with Crystals from the Farcu mine. Or, very close to here, a walk through the Cuţilor gorge from Roșia or the Dâlbii valley from Căbești can offer a different perspective to those who love nature.

In fact, a network of roads, in full development, from north to south and from east to west, makes easily accessible any of the tourist attractions of Padurea Craiului. For example, Lake Vida, known for its overflowing runoff unique in Romania and for its emerald green waters, can be reached regardless of whether you come from Beiuş, Dobreşti or Roşia.

The beautiful Boiului waterfall or those along the Iadului Valley are also easy to discover.

Brătcuţa Valley, Damiş Plateau, Runcuri or Zece Hotare are accessible to hiking enthusiasts even in winter. In addition, regardless of the season, all those who visited them on foot, by car or on horseback or by bicycle, confess that the effort is well worth it.

Cool summer

The show caves from Pădurea Craiului are perfect refuges when the summer heat becomes unbearable.

Vadu Crișului Cave is crossed by a spectacular underground river, it has cave formations of various shapes and sizes and a rich cave fauna.

Traces of human habitation in the cave have been discovered in Unguru Mare Cave, the oldest being from the Stone Age.

Meziad Cave is one of the oldest tourist attractions in Romania. It impresses with the size of the underground galleries and the diversity of the cave formations.

The Cave with Crystals from the Farcu mine is a small cave, but unique in Romania. Here you can admire the beautiful calcite crystals, a privilege that in the past only cavers enjoyed. The cave also houses a small museum dedicated to mining.

Any of these can be reached very easily. With the exception of the cave from Vadu Crișului, where you go on marked paths, Farcu, Meziad and Unguru Mare are in the immediate vicinity of the roads.

In Pădurea Craiului we have arranged adevnture caves both for those who are about to be “initiated” in caving, and for those who are passionate about exploring the underground world.

The Doboș and Gruieț caves are accessible to anyone from the age of 5 to 95 and hide treasures waiting to be discovered.

The tour operators in the area will provide you with the necessary equipment and will make visiting the caves an unforgettable experience.

! Visiting adventure caves is done only in the presence of a specialized guide, properly equipped and in compliance with the visiting regulations.

Cultural diversity

A walk through Vadu Crişului must lead to one of the workshops of the local potters. Along with a souvenir from the village of “Romanian kaolin” we leave with unique memories. Unique is the white clay from which local artisans make jars, jugs or various toys.

The wooden churches, located on both sides of the Pădurea Craiului mountains, the tradition of decorating eggs in Drăgoteni, the violin with trumpet museum from Lazuri de Roşia, the water mill, the secular oak from Meziad, the orthodox church from Vadu Crişului, Lake Vida are other places to visit during your holiday in which you intend to do (nothing) more.

Fairs and events

The events, the traditions and the local gastronomy and, of course, the famous Bihor brandy only complete, in the happiest possible way, a holiday in which you will forget all your worries, that is, one that you will never forget.

The “Straița plină” festival is an event that brings together local producers, folk craftsmen and people passionate about ancient traditions and customs. Every autumn, on Valea Roșiei, we expect you to take advantage of the housewives’ efforts and enjoy the delicious dishes. Craft workshops, handicrafts and goodwill complete the beauty of the event.

At the Salt Customs Fair in Vadu Crișului you will find a small part of the history of the area. In the past, salt extracted from Transylvania was transported on the Crișul Repede by rafts to Hungary. At the exit of the Crișului Repede gorge, the ruins of the former customs between Transylvania and the Turkish pashalac from Oradea can be seen.

The weekly fairs in Beiuș, Bratca, Vadu Crișului or Șuncuiuș are an opportunity to get in touch with local producers and to “trade” products specific to Padurea Craiului.

Last but not least, Pădurea Craiului means comfortable accommodation, suitable for any budget, which offers excellent conditions for relaxation: tranquility, fresh air, wellness and spa facilities, luxury tents …

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