A short guide to the Rosia Valley

Padurea craiului cheile lazurilor valea rosia

A short guide to the Rosia Valley

And now the long-awaited time has come. You know the time we mean, the time full of sunshine, warmth, and lots of adventure potential. Thinking that the activity season has started, we thought we’d start the adventure and come to your aid with this little guide of activities on the Rosia Valley. Maybe this will also answer the questions “what are we doing this weekend”, “where are we going over the Easter break” and “have you thought about what we’re doing next holiday”?

  • How do we get there?
  • Where do we stay when we get there?
  • What can we see and do in the Rosie Valley?
Padurea craiului cheile lazurilor valea rosia

How do I get there?

The easiest way to get to our ecotourism destination, Pădurea Craiului, is by train or car. We also have options for our friends from far away. The nearest airports to Pădurea Craiului are Oradea, Cluj Napoca, and Debrecen (Hungary).

For driving, we recommend Google Maps, Waze, or why not a map from a tourist centre for orientation, a good playlist for a long drive, or even some games that can be played in the car. Just to kill some boredom.

For the train ride, there are options at Interregional Călători, Transferoviar Călători, or CFR Călători and you can also take your bike with you. What’s more, traveling by train is more responsible and has a minimal impact on the environment; you get to see some beautiful scenery.

For those who live closer, in Oradea, Alba, or Baia Mare there are the same options and you can also add organized coach trips or why not a bike for those who are passionate and come for it. More details can also be found on our website here and we are always here to answer any questions.

Valea Roșia accommodations: where do we stay when we arrive?

Traditional casa Rosia

If you plan to visit and do hiking, running, and Via-Ferrata through the places on Valea Roșiei, then you also look for places to stay and eat. The best option in the area would be Traditional Casa which has cottages for tourists like grandmothers’ houses and traditional food. Pension Roșia offers not only accommodation but also wonderful views for its visitors.

In addition to these two accommodations, you can also use Airbnb with various locals, and for the more adventurous, camping or glamping is also available. More details on accommodation can be found here.

Whichever one you choose, we say the experience will be beautiful and unforgettable not only because of where you stay but also because of the area and the activities you can do here.

What can we see and do in the Rosia Valley?

Rosia pano centru

From cycling, hiking, and trail running to visiting the Farcu Crystal Cave to the via-Ferrata we can say that in the Rosia Valley, you can’t get bored. In fact, we recommend that you carry a list of activities to do while you’re in the area. Ours would look something like this.

  1. Visit the Farcu Cave, the only tourist cave in Romania where you can admire calcite crystals. Meziad Cave is one of the largest and most beautiful caves in Romania and is worth visiting at least once in your life.
Padurea craiului pestera meziad valea rosia
  1. Merinu Peter the potter is a must-see literally and figuratively for both his passionately and painstakingly crafted objects and his stories about the beauty of places.
  2. The Roșia water mill is located on the outskirts of Roșia and is the last remaining mill of a series of mills that used to grind grain for the inhabitants of the villages along the Roșia Valley.
  3. The reformed church of Remetea dating back to the 14th century is a place to visit not only from a religious point of view but also from a historical point of view as it is a religious edifice preserved, for the most part, in its original form. Moreover, inside you can see paintings and icons of Byzantine nature.
Padurea Craiului biserica reformata Remetea Valea Rosia x
  1. Dorel Codoban’s workshop is dedicated to the art of making horn violins, a musical instrument that is specific to the Bihor area and is a world unicity.
  2. The secular oak tree in Remetea is over 600 years old and is a must-see on the way to the Meziad Cave.
Padurea craiului stejarul secular din remetea valea rosia

Now that our list of recommendations of places to visit is ready, let’s move on to the list of experiences and activities. Just like in the Criș River Valley, there’s always something to do here too.

  1. Hike the Dâlbii Valley, a gorge-like valley where the main attraction is the Șura Ușorilor, a vast karst system that has collapsed, giving rise to natural towers and bridges. The place is reminiscent of fairy tales and stories full of fantasy and mystery even if there is no dragon around.
  2. The Cuților Gorge is an area crisscrossed by sharp spikes and high rock walls. From place to place you can see cave mouths, open to unknown worlds as well. Mysteries are everywhere here, you just have to set off and look for them.
Padurea craiului cheile cutilor valea rosia
  1. The Sodohol Gorge is the ideal place for a day out with the family in nature or a picnic with friends.
  2. The 2 mountain running trails in the Rosia Valley are a challenge for keen runners. Beware though that there are many ascents and descents that will test your endurance in the terrain.
  3. For those keen on caving, there is the opportunity to visit some superb caves in the area: Ciur-Ponor Cave, Doboș Cave, and Gruieț Cave.

The Ciur-Ponor Cave is located in the Natura 2000 Site Defileul Crișului Repede -Pădurea Craiului, near Roșia, and is part of a karst complex that includes the Ciur Izbuc Cave – Ciur Ponor Cave – Toplița Cave.

Doboș Cave is ideal for initiation in caving. The cave is located in the Doboș Pit, a sinkhole (funnel-shaped karst formation) on the Runcuri karst plateau in the commune of Roșia.

Gruieț Cave is accessible even to children. It is located on the left slope of the Șteazelor valley, in the Natura 2000 site Defileul Crișului Repede -Pădurea Craiului, on the administrative territory of Roșia.

  1. In the Roșia area you can also go climbing in the Lazuri Gorge for those who are experienced and passionate about this sport. As a hike, the area can be done with the family, but for climbing, we recommend these routes for the most experienced and with the appropriate equipment.
Alergare montana in Padurea Craiului runcuri traseul colinelor featured x
  1. For those who are keen on cycling in the Rosia Valley, there are 4 trails that are more difficult than easy, but with many wonderful views.
  2. Via-Ferrata offers a challenging experience for both beginners and experienced riders. But it offers the brave a unique and spectacular view of the Cuti Gorges and we say this experience is worth trying.
  3. There are 4 hiking trails in the Rosia Valley. The places are wonderful and worth visiting with family or friends.


Now that we have the list ready, we wouldn’t know what to recommend more as they all have their own charm and are all worth a visit. We would rather say to think about a longer trip of a few days to have time to see everything, and if that’s not possible you can easily take them weekend by weekend and step by step.