T2: A visit to the Meziad Cave

Cicloturism Meziad Valea Pesterii T

T2: A visit to the Meziad Cave

Route Remetea – Meziad – Meziadului Cave – Meziad – Sohodol – Căbeşti – Josani – Remetea
Distance 36 kilometers
Cumulative positive level difference 620 meters
Travel time 5 hours, including visiting the cave
Degree of difficulty medium, with small more difficult portions
Surface asphalt, paved road, dirt road
Discover also the church from Remetea, the secular oak from Meziad, Meziad Cave
Attention the Meziad – Sohodol sector requires more attention to orientation, some parts require more technical knowledge when ascending or descending. They can be walked without problems because they are quite short.

Route description

A mountain biking route that can be covered in half a day. Its main objective is the Meziad cave, one of the largest and most interesting caves in the country. But on the way back, the route puts the strength and endurance of cyclists to the test.

The route starts from the center of Remetea village. We follow the direction indicated by the road sign, towards the village of Meziad. Less than 400 meters from the intersection we will see a bridge on the left, over the Meziad valley. This road leads to the stone church, founded in the 14th century. Next, the route follows the county road to Meziad. Along the way we will pass the secular oak from Meziad, about 600 years old, located right next to the road, on the left

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Once in Meziad, near the school from the village, we will turn right and continue our way to Meziad cave. We cycle parallel to the valley until the end of the village, where we turn left over a bridge. From here the paved road climbs little by little to the cave. This junction is signposted, guiding tourists to the cave. From here to the end of the route there are about 4 km.

After visiting the cave, we return to the junction near the school in Meziad, where we turn right. We cross the bridge over the stream and continue the road, straight ahead. After the last houses in the village, the route becomes very uneven, covered with large boulders. After crossing the stream once more, this time through the water, we turn slightly on the only road on the left, which climbs steeply. We reach the top and continue our journey through the meadows, where the grassy road becomes less visible. After the second patch of trees, the meadows turn into endless fields of ferns, and the road becomes obvious again.

Soon we will be able to see some houses from the village of Sohodol. We continue to climb and descend slightly until we reach a small grassy ridge with an intersection of 3 roads, one of them, very visible, descends to the left towards the village. We follow it and after a more technical descent we reach the asphalt road that connects Sohodol to Căbești. In Căbești we will intersect the county road that connects Remetea and Roșia. We turn left and continue through Josani to Remetea.

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