T7: Reserved for enthusiasts

Cicloturism Padurea Craiului Valea Misidului T

T7: Reserved for enthusiasts

Rută Şuncuiuş – La Castel – Mişidului Valley – La mori – Mişidului Valley – Poiana Damiş – DJ 746D – to Zece Hotare – Ciungi – Gugu – Tomnatic – Şuncuiuş
Route 41 kilometers
Cumulative positive level difference 870 meters
Travel time 7 hours
Degree of difficulty difficult
Surface asphalt, paved road, dirt road, path
Discover also the karst plateaus of Damiș and Zece Hotare with landscapes of high natural value, Mișidului Valley
Attention there are some quite demanding parts where you have to walk next to the bike or even have to carry it in the back

Route description

A spectacular mountain biking route that involves frequent crossings through the river of Mișid and several push-bike sectors. This itinerary seriously tests the technique and physical endurance of cyclists. It’s one of those routes you can brag about to your friends.

From the center of Șuncuiuș commune, follow the blue triangle tourist marking that goes upstream to the old castle, today the sports base of LPS Bihorul. From this point begins the first part of walking next to the bike, followed by a demanding part of carrying the bike in a steep descent, until we reach again the Crișului Repede Valley, in the area of the Wind Cave.

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If you want to avoid this difficult part, you can start from the center of the village, crossing the river, on the right bank (the bank of the river is identified according to its direction of flow). Immediately, the road follows a „left-right” intersection. You must go to the right, upstream, with the river on the right, to the Wind Cave. Here you cross the river, on a suspended bridge.

From the cave, climb through the forest, following the blue triangle, until descending into the Mișid Valley. Once in the valley you just have to follow the course of the water, on one side or the other, depending on the route. Remember that you will need to cross the water several times until you meet the forest road. But, except for very rainy periods, you can do this using the boulders in the riverbed. You will notice that as you climb the valley the path widens and at first narrow and rocky, it becomes wider and smoother. At some point you will encounter a forest road that descends from the right. Continue up the valley to the area called “La Mori”. Immediately you will encounter a junction with a less visible road, to the left, which crosses the river. Follow this road and continue to climb upstream until the road reaches a wider area, with a crossroads (with less visible roads). On the left is a tractor road, ahead is the road that follows the valley, more and more grassy, ​​and on the right a road that first seems to follow the valley, but almost immediately begins to climb steeply on the slope, in serpentines. This is our route. We follow it until we reach the top, in the meadow. We continue the climb, not very demanding, next to a house and we reach a gentle hilltop. It is not long before we begin to descend until we meet another ascending road on the right, but heavily damaged. Just before this road, there is a poorly visible dirt road, which first runs parallel to the damaged road, then descends slightly towards west. After crossing a small valley, our route changes direction towards north. Then, we reach a junction where we will take the road on the left, which climbs to the edge of the forest. Once up, we will take a ridge road and we will turn right, a movement that will take us on another forest road, much more obvious, which we will follow towards left. From here we start to descend among the scattered houses in Poiana Damiș, until we meet the paved road, where we turn right. Next there is a long descent, on asphalt, to the junction with the road leading to Zece Hotare. Here we will follow the paved road, which climbs gently in wide serpentines. When we reach the top we turn left at the junction towards Zece Hotare and go around the peak of Chicera Buglei, on the left. Descending and ascending slowly, we reach the intersection to Tomnatic. Next, we have a short and sustained climb, until we reach the village, from where we begin to descend, with short climbs, to Șuncuiuș.

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