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Padurea Craiului
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The natural specificity and the numerous specialized tour operators that carry out their activity in this region, make Pădurea Craiului an attractive destination for teambuilding activities.
An old saying says that if you really want to know a man, you have to take him to nature, to get him out of the environment that is familiar to him.

From rafting trips on the turbulent waters of Crisul Repede, to via-ferrata routes, to survival camps, tour operators working in the area offer companies complex and diverse programs for large or small teams for a day. a weekend or even a week.

One of the activities most often requested by companies eager to bring their employees to life is rafting. When you are in a light boat, at the mercy of the currents, pushed towards the rocky shore or straight into the canopy of the trees that caress the water, you should not be explained too much what it means to “pull on the same cart”.

The operators operating in Pădurea Craiului offer a wide range of programs adapted to the client’s needs and desires, from simple hikes, to climbing, via ferrata, rappelling, traversing caves, to small construction projects, organizing survival camps or overcoming difficult situations.

Other outdoor group activities teach participants how important strategy, communication, and team spirit are. The analysis sessions at the end offer those present a “diagnosis” of the team, but also solutions to transfer to the workplace the experience gained during the team building sessions.

For details and team building programs tailored to your teams, please contact the active tour operators in Pădurea Craiului.

Team building in Pădurea Craiului

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