The route of the Roșia Valley

Alergare montana cheile lazurilor traseul vaii rosia featured

The route of the Roșia Valley

Start / finish Lazuri de Roșia
Route  Lazuri de Roșia – The Cave with Crystals from the Farcu mine – Șoimuș trout farm – Lazuri de Roșia
Distance 17 km
Cumulative positive level difference 650 m+
Estimated maximum travel time (in light running combined with hiking): 4 hours
Difficulty level easy
Recommendations  technical running shoes, water at least 2 l regardless of temperature, food, clothing appropriate to the season and specifics of the trail, telephone, light source, a big smile
Observations water sources on the route

Route description

The trail running route is an easy one, being very well highlighted in the field. It offers runners at several points along the route a 360-degree panorama of the surroundings. More than half of the length of this itinerary is in the shade of the forest, which makes it easy go on in summer. In addition, another part of it follows the course of the Lazuri Valley, giving runners the opportunity to cool off.

The route starts from the village of Lazuri de Roșia and continues for 5 kilometers on the road that goes up to the Crystal Cave from the Farcu mine. From here the route follows the paved road to the Șoimuș trout farm. We are at kilometer 8 of the trail running route.

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After about 1 kilometer, the route crosses the bridge to the right and follows a steep climb of 4 kilometers. The route reaches a meadow from where it continues with an alternation of ascents and descents, and for the last 3 kilometers it descends to the village of Lazuri de Roșia.

The first 10 kilometers are relatively easy, the level difference being insignificant. The hard part begins after the Șoimuş trout farm, from where the long and sustained climb seriously tests the ambition and training of the runners.

Experienced runners say that the route “was designed as one for beginners”, helping them to adapt to the difficulties on the field: climbs, descents all combined with flat areas, etc.

The route is a trail running route with a low degree of difficulty that offers a wonderful view of the surroundings along the way.

Due to the low altitude of the area, this route can be traveled in any season.

Careful! To easily orientate yourself, follow the marking of the route represented by the silhouette of a runner painted in green.

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