Trail Running

The Valley Trail

Rosia traseul Văii întoarcere spre Lazuri de Roria

The area has a unique beauty. The track passes nearby Crystal Cave and continues on the most beautiful hills with a tremendous view upon Lazuri Gorge. 50% of the distance is shaded. Thus, in the summertime, the runners can stay out of the sun. Also, the route goes through a valley, over a small creek with cold water. Therefore, the name is Valley Trail. First 10 km are easy to run, and the elevation gain is low but after the trout stream follows a long ascent which can be used as an excellent climbing training. Anyhow, the trail is suitable for beginners and offers flat areas, ascents and descents suitable for practising running techniques. It can be done all seasons.

Start: Lazuri de Roșia, at the entrance in Lazuri Gorge

Finish: Lazuri de Roșia, at the entrance in Lazuri Gorge

Lendmarks: Lazuri de Roșia – Farcu Crystal Cave – trout stream – Lazuri de Roșia


Distance: 17 km

Cumulative elevation gain: 650 m+

Time estimated: 4 hours

Marks: a runner coloured in green

Difficulty: easy

Recommendations: running shoes, adequate clothes for weather conditions, 1 litre of water, food

Observations: spring water available on the route

Technical description: The trail begins in Lazuri de Roșia Village, continues on the road about 5 km, in sustained ascent until it reaches Farcu Crystal Cave. At km 8 arrives at a trout stream, crosses the bridge on the right and then ahead and continues with a long ascent for about 4 km. The last 5 km are on the way back to Lazuri. The route is simple to follow because the road is clear and marked with the specific mark of a runner coloured in green. It has a tremendous view of the entire area.

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