Run freely in Pădurea Craiului mountains

Trail running means running in the heart of nature. It is a sport and a lifestyle at the same time, which moves your whole body.

It involves concentration, attention and being one with the path you are running on.

When you run in nature, you focus on every step, you control your breathing, you think less and you perceive your emotions differently.

When going up, you alternate running with walking, going down, you have to be careful where you step. You use your hands to the maximum to keep your balance. This state of mind is what defines mountain running. And it is perhaps the reason that makes it so popular among lovers of nature and outdoor movement.

Starting with 2019, in Pădurea Craiului, trail running enthusiasts have at their disposal 5 marked routes, with different degrees of difficulty, located in the Crisului Repede Gorge and in Roșiei Valley.

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