Roșia valley

Running on marked routes in the Roșia area is a good training opportunity to approach more demanding routes or to participate in competitions. The gentle landscape, the itineraries without too many level differences and the enchanting nature are the best friends of the athletes.

However, the repeated ups and downs will test your endurance. Even if these routes also require the ability to orient in the field, the charm of traditional households, and the typical karst landscape are some other arguments that argue in favor of the idea of mountain running around Roşia.

Trail running routes in Roșia valley

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Alergare montana in Padurea Craiului runcuri traseul colinelor featured

The route of the Hills

The route of the Hills takes the runners to two important tourist points in the Roşia area: the Cave with Crystals from the Farcu mine and the Traditional Casa complex.

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Tourist attractions in Roșia valley

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