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Trail Running in Pădurea Craiului

Pădurea Craiului, one of the pearls of the Apuseni Mountains, has become an ecotourism destination with a positive impact in the life of modern man. Here life is growing beyond daily urban activities. The area offers hiking, cyclo-tourism, caves, rafting, ferry and recently, and mountain hiking. Although it is a new phenomenon in the country, the mountain running has boosted due to the many benefits brought from the improvement of the physical condition to the connection with the specifics of the area, the knowledge of the surroundings and the local beauties. Thus, trails, hills, valleys and high hills can be traversed. Therefore, permanent marking of routes is an excellent step towards encouraging the practice of this mass-made sport. Mountain running brings freedom, body knowledge through movement, and health. Relief of the area allows for technicalness, level accumulation and fun for beginners as well as advanced. The hills are low, but that does not mean they can not be demanding, this being a new reason for organising training. Also, due to the low altitude, this type of movement can be practised in any season.

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