Trail Running in Pădurea Craiului

Trail running means running in the heart of nature. It is both a sport and a lifestyle, which puts your leg muscles in motion as well as other parts of the body. It involves concentration, attention and being one with the path you are running. When you are on the climb, alternate running with walking. When going down, you have to be careful where you step, you use your hands to the full to keep your balance. When you run in nature, you concentrate on each step, control your breathing, think less and perceive your emotions differently. This state of mind is what defines mountain running. And it is perhaps the reason that makes it so popular among lovers of nature and outdoor movement.

Starting with 2019, in the Craiului Forest, mountaineering enthusiasts have at their disposal 5 marked trails, with varying degrees of difficulty, located in the Crișul Repede Gorge and in the Roşia Valley, and here you can access the GPS track records and tracks.

The area has a unique beauty. The track passes nearby Crystal Cave and continues on the most beautiful hills with

The Hills Trail takes the runner to two of the most famous tourist attractions in Roșia: Farcu Crystal Cave and

Mișid Trail is short and spectacular. It crosses the valley and offers cold water for revival. It is mostly shaded,

Pojorâta Trail is the same with Devenț Trail for the first 14 km. It surrounds the view from both slopes,

Devenț Trail leads the runner above Șuncuiuș Village and offers the possibility to visit a unique karstic area full of