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Vadu Crişului Cave

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Location and access:
The cave is located in Vadu Crişului commune, more precisely in Şuncuiuş – Vadu Crişului Gorge, about 50 meters from Crisul Repede River, on the northern slope of the Pădurea Craiului Mountains. The cave can easily be reached by train, which runs on the Cluj Napoca-Oradea route (Halta Pestera Station) or by foot, on one of the marked trails connecting the cave with Vadu Crisului or Şuncuiuş. GPS Coordinates N46 57 43.4 E22 30 38.7. The length of the tourist route is 680 meters.
The cave of Vadu Crisului was discovered by Czaran Gyula and his two associates, Karl Handt and Veress Istvan, on November 10, 1903. The discovery was made by dynamiting the slope, suspecting that above the Vadu Crisului waterfall, what can be seen from the alignment of the railroad would be a cave. Count Odon Zichy, on whose property the cave was located, arranged its arrangement with wooden floors and stairs so that in 1905 it was opened for visiting, being considered, at that time, the most beautiful cave in Europe. Through the cave flows a river which, at 40 m from the entrance, forms a cascade of about 6 m. Stalactites and stalagmites of various shapes and sizes can be seen throughout the cave, some of them having imaginative names such as The tomb of Mahomet, The White Eagle, Eve, the Beard of the prophet, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.
The Vadu Crisului cave shelters one of the richest underground fauna in Romania. Here are a different species of snails, worms, insects and crustaceans, some endemic. The cave is populated by the horseshoe bat.
Adults: 10 lei/person
Children, students, pensioners: 5 lei/person
Opening hours:
Monday – Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday – Sunday: 9:00-17:00
WARNING! Last entry is at 16:00. The minimum group for entering the cave is 10 people, and the maximum group is 25 people. The duration of a visit is 30-45 minutes.
Administration: Tarii Crisurilor Museum
Phone: 0259 479 918 (museum), or 0744.512926 – guide Geczi Mihaly